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Celebrate National Poetry Month with... dandelions!

April is National Poetry Month. Celebrate by listening to the short poem "Dandelions" by Hilda Conkling. She wrote most of her poetry between the ages of 4 and 10! After listening to the poem, kids are invited to draw a picture of a dandelion and email to NIRMV Kids at Include your name and age and you could see your art posted here!

Dress up as a book character, send us your pic!

Nola Carter dressed up as Ruby Bridges.
Don't just read the books on the NIRMV 2020 Recommended Reading List - Kids Edition (PDF). Live them by dressing up as characters from them! Nola Carter dressed up as Ruby Bridges from The Story of Ruby Bridges and sent us this great picture.
Madison Hudson dressed up as Anna from Frozen.

Want to see your picture here? Just email the title of book and the character you're dressed as, attach the photo and send to with "Book Star" on subject line.

Send us your essay, poem or drawing!

Photo of Darryl Simmon's "Wonderland" essay and drawing.

When NIRMV Volunteer Darryl Simmons attended elementary school, he did an extra-special creative writing project called "Freedom of Expression," which included essays, poems and drawings. Get inspired to express yourself. Then share your creations with our NIRMV Kids team by sending them to Your work may be posted on this page.

Photo of NIRMV Kids contributor Darryl Simmons.
Darryl Simmons

What does your favorite musician look like? 

Your assignment is to carefully observe the musician drawing created by our Mystery Artist for National Inspirational Role Models Month in 2016. Then, draw a picture of your favorite musician or someone playing your favorite instrument, or print the Mystery Artist's drawing (PDF) and have fun coloring it.

What's in your happy bag? Let us know!

If you had your own Happy Bag, what would you put in it? Remember to include the things you like the most. Send your happy bag list or drawing to Your work may appear on this page!

Wanted: Your special family memory!

Darryl and his great-grandmother
NIRMV Volunteer Darryl Simmons' special memory is riding a rollercoaster with his great-grandmother Louisiana Hines when she was 101 years young. Wow! Share your special family memory through creative writing and/or photos and send to Your work may be posted to this page.