Past Contests

Black History Month 2021 Contest: Welcome to the Ingenious Inventors Zone!

Judges selected two winners (one female and one male) per level. Prizes were:
Explorer: Science Puzzle or Mosaics
Examiner: Young Scientist Pillow
Researcher: Black History Flashcards

Select one of the following for instructions to enjoy the contest activities.

Download, print and creatively color this sheet (PDF) in honor of "The Peanut Man," Dr. George Washington Carver. Share masterpiece plus comments with artist name and age via

Listen to National Inspirational Role Models Month Originator Darlene House read interesting facts about "The Peanut Man," ingenious inventor Dr. George Washington Carver. Send participant’s name and age along with numbers for new facts discovered via email with “Carver Facts” on subject line to

Research information and write 500 word or less essay about a Black child or teen inventor. Submit essay, along with name and age with “Inventor Essay” on subject line to

Color a Sports Champion!

Kids ages 4 - 9 joined the National Inspirational Role Models Month (NIRMM) annual November 2020 celebration. Print out this Jesse Owens coloring page or color online.

NIRMV Kids Sports Lit Marathon

An Official National Inspirational Role Models Month (NIRMM) 2020 Celebration Component for Ages 10 - 17. Download the flyer (PDF)

The prize was a gift card by acknowledging NIRMM 2020 Theme: Gaining Inspiration from Sports and the Spirit of Champions.The contest included these activities:

Option 1: Listen to Casey at the Bat.
*Did you like the poem? Why or Why not?

Option 2: Search for, read and select another sports poem.
*What is title and author of selected poem? Why did you select it?

Option 3: Read sports article.
*What is title and author of article? What is an interesting fact?

*What is title and author of article? What is an interesting fact?

Option 5: Read sports article about contemporary player (someone playing now or recently retired).
*What is title and author of article? What is an interesting fact?

Congratulations to our 2020 Teen Essay Contest Winner!

2020 Teen Essay winner
KeiNiya Brown
NIRMV sincerely thanks the independent judge for our teen essay contests. He is Aaron K. Foley, journalist and author from Detroit, and City of Detroit's First Chief Storyteller (2017 - 2019). Congratulations to this year's winner, KeiNiya Brown. Our 2018 essay content winner, Lena McDonald, placed second (you can read her essay below KeiNiya's).

Option 1: What sports lessons impacted how you live your life?
By KeiNiya Brown

I have always been involved in sports. They have taught me so many valuable lessons. The main lesson that sports have taught me is that you have to respect and be kind to everyone, even though you may have some animosity towards one person or multiple people. This has helped me in many situations. For example, in school, you might get put into a class or have to work with a person you may not like. But you as a person must be kind to them so that it doesn't affect your grade in the class. This lesson has impacted my life because there have been many situations where I had to work with people I don't like. I remember that you must still be kind and respectful towards them.

Also, it has helped me stay drama free because when you are kind and respectful towards others, they will be respectful in return. This way of thinking changed my life for the better because when I was in a class or the same room as a person I didn't like, I used to get angry and let it ruin my day. Since I have learned to be respectful towards people I don't like, I don't let them rain on my parade.
Sports has also taught me that it's ok not to win, as long as you tried your best. This has changed my whole point of view because after a cheer competition that we didn't place well at I would get mad and angry. I learned to remember that I did my best and there is nothing I can do about it but do better next time. This way of thinking has helped me in school, too. For example, there was this big test. I studied two days before the test and stayed up all night to make sure of passing it. I didn't get the grade I wanted. I was furious. Then I thought, I tried my best and now all I can do is ask for extra credit or retake and do better on the next test. Sports lessons impacted my life because it helps change the way you think about things and see a different outcome and gives a different perspective on life. These lessons will always stay with me because they give me a positive outlook on life. 

In conclusion, the lessons that sports have taught me have changed my way of thinking for the better. Sports is the most effective way to learn lessons because you see the lesson being displayed. The lessons that children learn when they play sports is helpful outside of sports too and can be helpful later in life.

Meet our 2018 coloring and essay contest winners!